Our In-House Interns

Interns who work at the SNEH premises located at Mandaveli, Chennai. Much of Sneh’s packing and packaging happens with these set of interns who come in regularly through the week. Depending on their interests and strengths, each one of them have proven to be assets especially during busy days at SNEH.

Mukund P Prabhu
W.S.Sai Shrija

Remote Interns

Some of our valuable interns work from faraway places to create beautiful products. They work against time to deliver handmade products to us.  Their work is sought after and some of their products are on demand throughout the year.

Anita Menon

Interns working from Partnering Institutions

Some of our interns are placed in other Institutions partnering in the joint venture of empowering and employing as many special young adults. Major part of their day will involve accomplishing work related to SNEH products. Their mentors connect with us regularly to successfully execute daily work assigned to them.


Former interns

As much as SNEH is possessive of their interns, sometimes we have had to let them go, to pave way to bigger opportunities for them and respect their choices too!

sabareesh (1)
saravana prabhu (1)

Mr.Mukund P Prabhu

He is 24 years old with Cerebral Palsy and has completed his graduation in Historical studies, at RKM Vivekananda College, Chennai.

He comes across as an enthusiastic and friendly person. He never fails to care for his mates as well as the staff at SNEH. He is pro-active when it comes to taking up new work or experimenting new ideas. He always works towards to improving his skill sets at work. Where there is Mukund, fun and banter happens!

Mukund joined SNEH, in February 2022 and is happy working with the Painting, branding, tagging, packing and packaging skills.

Miss. W.S.Sai Shrija

Miss. Shrija, is 25 years old and diagnosed with cognitive challenges and verbal communication struggles. Born and Brought up in Chennai, she finished her schooling from SIET Dyslexia Centre through  NIOS Board.  She has also completed her bachelor’s degree in Historical Studies  from SIET college for women.

She comes across as a gentle and smiling person. She is very accommodative and patient at work. She does work with at most sincerity! She loves being in the company of peers and is a great listener!

She has been working with us since May 2022. She is actively involved in SNEH as in intern and engaged in art work, packing, branding and related skills

Mr. Vagulabaran

Vagulabaran is 25 years old with cognitive challenges. He is a graduate in sociology, from Annamalai University. He has also done his BA in Instrumental music. He plays mridangam and the veena. He also has completed his Diploma in Library Science. He has won many prizes for Thirukkural recitation. He has a great interest in Carnatic music.

Vagulabaran comes across as a sincere hearted and a well- mannered person. He enjoys order and structure while working and transcends the same to his peer group. He extends a helping hand always!

He has been working with us since July 2022.  Currently at SNEH he is works on making corrugated boxes, branding, painting, packing and inventory management skills.


Mr. Rohan is 21 years old with Autism and limited social communication. He has completed a diploma in Multimedia course and a certificate course in IT for Beginners.

Rohan has excellent memory and an eye for perfection. He loves to sing while working. He does work assigned with enthusiasm and can complete some tasks in no time!

He is a good swimmer and a good helping hand at home. He has run many marathon events, and has completed the Chennai-3km marathon thrice!

He joined Sneh in the month of January, 2023. He is a works on Counting, Quality checking and Packing skills at Sneh

R.Balaji kannan

Mr. Balaji Kannan is 33 years old with Intellectual Disability. He has  completed his Bachelors in Visual Communication in 2019. He passed his 12th under the NIOS board in 2015.

Balaji comes across as smiling and able personality. He is energetic and eager to work always. He picks up the pulse of the room quickly! He aspires to become an expert in stock management and packaging services at SNEH!

He joined in the month of September 2023. He is a helping hand in Counting, Quality checking and packing activities at Sneh.

S.R. SriVaikunth

Srivaikunth is 20 years old with Downs Syndrome. He has completed his 8th standard.

He comes across as a happy go jolly fellow. He takes interest to learn work assigned to him and does it with quiet diffidence.

He has participated in many cultural activities  during School events. He has also participated  in special athletes events at the Nehru Stadium and won accolades. In his free time, he enjoys to dance and play the keyboard too!

He joined Sneh in the month of January 2024. He is helping hand in Counting, Quality checking and Packing activities at Sneh

Mr. Sahilluddin

Mr. Sahilluddin is 25 years old and diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

Based out of Delhi, Mr. Sahil is a talented artisan who uses materials such as jute and colourful wool to make various home accessories.

Done with a lot of innese and patience, his products are always on demand and SNEH is proud to partner with Sahil in promoting his products through our platform.

Ms. Anita Menon

Anita Menon, 31 years old, is an aspiring model, dancer and artist with Down syndrome. She loves dancing, photography, cooking and listening to music.

Her paintings are exhibited in various places including in an art gallery in Mexico. She has been creating and selling exclusive handmade products over the last few years.

SNEH converts the beautiful Warli art made by Anita into utility and home decor products that add beauty and elegance to spaces.

Miss. Deeptha

Deeptha is 28 years old and diagnosed with mild mental retardation. Though she is based out of Chennai, she works remotely with us.

She has completed her 10th from NIOS.

She is a patient and calm person who loves to socialize. She loves painting and drawing. Deeptha makes beautiful handmade candles for SNEH.

A. Praveen

A. Praveen, 22 years old diagnosed with autism and mild MR (Mental Retardation). He is a quick learner, good observer, works continuously for hours without distraction. He is independent in woven fabrics. He works with SNEH from Spastn, Chennai.


Sandhiya a 16 years old, diagnosed with Autism. She is a quick learner, good observer and has good creativity. She loves to experiment with colours. She is independent in Diya painting and decorating. She works with Sneh from Spastn, Chennai.

S. Radhika

S. Radhika, a 16 years old diagnosed with MR. She is respectful and has a good attitude towards others. She can works continuously for 45 minutes without distraction. She is good at Block printing. She works with Sneh from Spastn, Chennai.

J. Lokesh

J. Lokesh, a 17 years old diagnosed with mild MR. He is a quick learner, a good observer and works continuously for 1 hour without distraction. He is independent in woven fabrics. He works with Sneh from Spastn, Chennai.

K. Abinaya

K. Abinaya, a 19 years old diagnosed with intellectual Disability. She has good fine motor skills, a good observer and can work continuously for 1 hour without distraction. She is good in tailoring and Diya painting. She works with Sneh from Spastn, Chennai.

Mr. Sabareesh Lakshman

Mr. Sabareesh diagnosed with Mental illness, has finished his training at Headstart Learning Centre. At SNEH, He is involved in painting, chocolate making, sorting, branding and packing activities.

He is a quick learner and he is very prompt in completing the task at hand. He plays a crucial role in branding and packing of our products, especially the large volume orders

Sabareesh has successfully completed his internship with SNEH.

Mr. Suraj Suresh

Suraj Suresh is a 25 year old Chennaiite with autism. His passion is weaving and he creates beautiful patterns using colourful yarns in the sari loom. These are then converted into designer handbags, folders and sleeves. Suraj has successfully completed his internship with SNEH.

Miss. Parameshwari

Parameshwari  a 22 yr old, diagnosed with dyslexia and slow learning.

She is committed, punctual, a bit reserved and has a great memory. She loves appreciation on her good work and has a natural flair for rhythm instruments. She is currently undergoing typewriting classes to hone her typing skills.

At SNEH she is happy being engaged in branding, packing, painting and assisting inventory management.

Parameshwari has completed her internship with SNEH

Mr. Ashwath

Ashwath is 25 year old and diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 3. With a condition of Hyperlexia, he excelled at reading and writing. His music knowledge was also very good.  He wrote his 10th through the NIOS board and went on to complete his Master’s degree in Visual communication.

He is capable intern at SNEH actively engaging himself in packing branding, packaging and inventory stock taking. He has completed his internship with SNEH successfully.

Ms. Esha Ann Verghese

Ms. Esha is 19 years old and has finished her training at Headstart Learning Centre. At SNEH, Esha is involved in painting, stitching, chocolate making, branding and packing activities.

She has a great eye for colour, fantastic hand eye coordination and fine motor skills and is a very sunny and joyful person to be around!

Work that needs patience, care and perfection automatically gets assigned to Esha.

She has completed her internship at Sneh.

Mr. Saravana Prabhu

Mr. Saravan Prabhu has finished his training at V-excel vocational Training Unit. At SNEH, he was involved in packing, stock taking, arranging inventory etc.

He is very dedicated, punctual and a hard worker. He is very patient and always gets absorbed in the task at hand.

After a successful 8 month stint with SNEH where his skills and confidence got fully polished, we are very proud to say that, Mr. Saravana Prabhu is now working as a full time employee in one of Chennai’s leading companies.

He has successfully completed his internship with SNEH.