Ms. Anuradha Mahesh

Ms. Anuradha Mahesh

Ms. Anuradha Mahesh is a chartered accountant and cost accountant with a masters in commerce and has worked with the Big 4 Audit firms in India and abroad. She is a well known advocate of the special needs cause and has served as a trustee with a chennai based special school from 2006 to 2019. From 2016-19, she took the additional responsibility of a director with the same institution. In those 13 years, Anuradha has played a crucial role in streamlining accounts and processes, improving the quality of special education and therapies by bringing in well experienced and qualified professionals, instrumental in expanding the donor network and creating a lot of visibility for the cause. She is the recipient of many awards for her exemplary work in the field of special needs education like Champion of Chennai, Lady Sivabogam Award, NGO Leadership award, Women’s Economic Forum to name a few.

Anuradha feels that true empowerment of people with special needs can happen only when the community as a whole can come together and work towards uplifting each other.

Anuradha drives SNEH and its initiatives by charting out the vision and direction, bringing together various stakeholders and supporting the team in executing the project.

Dr. Geeta Lakshmi

Dr. Geeta Lakshmi is a psychologist and special educator who is trained in cognitive and applied behaviour analysis. She has worked extensively in the special education field, having served as counsellor, special educator and vice principal in a montessori school and as a principal in a special needs school. She provides one on one special education for children in ASD, cognitive and development challenges and also provides psychological counselling and behaviour therapy for children, parents and geriatric patients.

Dr. Geeta’s flair for creative work and her deep understanding of the special needs community provides her a unique advantage to ideate and create products for SNEH based on participants skillset and also equip the participants in production.

Ms. R Vijayalakshmi

Ms. R Vijayalakshmi with a Masters in Information Technology has previously worked in admintration and operations roles in various companies across Chennai for over 10 years. She joined SNEH in 2021 in an administrative role but her skill at handling customers and promoting products saw her move into business development and customer relations.

She manages her multiple hats at SNEH with a practical approach and commitment making her an invaluable resource balancing the operations of SNEH.

Ms. Lily Stephen

Ms. Lily Stephen with a financial background has been working in the NGO sector since 2005. She spent 8 years at Habitat for Humanity at the beginning of her career, and has since worked to aid several different causes. Since 2018, she has been an freelancing Accountant and believes that her accounting knowledge should be utilized for a not for profit sector and that would help her experience maximum job satisfaction.

Ms.Deepika Kaushik

Ms. Deepika Kaushik holds a Masters in Biotechnology. Her passion for teaching led her to pursue and obtain a Diploma in Special Education. She has previously worked in a few Special schools in Chennai as Facilitator and later a Coordinator for the special education program. During her tenure as a coordinator, she worked on developing academic and skill development projects. She also worked on preparing future employment models for students above 14 years of age. This led her to join SNEH to manage and develop the flagship internship program for persons with disabilities.